Monday, 19 February 2007

Irish Bouzouki at Eurovision Song Contest 2007 (Dervish)

On this year's Eurovision Song Contest Dervish will be playing for Ireland. When I heard this first I was thinking what a great chance. One of my favourite Irish groups, this must be a killer track. But now, as I heard the nominated tracks everything's different. Apart from Cathys lovely voice and the band's great playing there is nothing left of the power of Dervish. Why not a song of a real Folk-Songwriter?

There were four songs nominated, the winning song is called "They can't stop the spring". This was by far the best of the four nominated songs, nevertheless the song is ok, but that's all. Are there no better songwriters in Ireland available? I hope they will work on the arrangement to get the best out of the song.

Here's the chance to build up your own opinion. Listen to Frank McNamara, he tells us what he thinks of the four songs at the end of the video: "Well, I really like... none of them".

You want to listen to the other three songs? Well, do you really want to hear them? Be prepared to be very disappointed:

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