Tuesday, 12 June 2007


NAHEBA is a folk music group from Cantabria (North Spain), whose work is based mainly in the composition and arrangements of Cantabria traditional music. Naheba sound is mainly acoustic,based in instruments like fiddle,flute,bagpipe,acoustic guitar,bouzouki and percussion. Our most important influences are acoustic groups like The Tannahill Weavers, LLan de Cubel, Corquieu, The Bothy Band; and irish,scottish and cantabrian music in general. The group was established by the end of 2003,when Javi,Sergio and Rafa,all of them well known folk and celtic musicians,joined together to play some of the arrangements of cantabrian tunes Javi had written.A few months later,Jose (Cambera'l Cierzu) and Esteban joined the group,but this last one left a year later due to personal reasons. Another Javi (L'Arca de Sueños) substituted him, and brought with him a personal and sparkling fiddle playing and a big amount of Campoo tunes. In March 2006 that line-up performed their first concert in Sala Eventos (Santander)

Band members:
Javi García: Bouzouki, flauta travesera de madera. Rafa Ibáñez: Guitarra acústica. Javi “el Niñu”: Violín, voz. Sergio Sordo: Gaita, Whistles. Jose Luís Rodríguez “Puma”: Bodhram, voz.

Look at: http://www.myspace.com/naheba

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