Friday, 31 August 2007


A new video from DRD. Nor further information available. Bouzouki, Flute and Fiddle. Great video.

Salamanca reel por Xaiva, Noci band o como carallo se llamen

Salamanca reel is played here by some Musicians at the Festival de Peiteiros 2007. Very powerful.

Russ Rentler (aka Dobrodoc)

Russ is playing an original song on his zouk tuned GDAE. Like this one a lot.

Bach "Double" in B minor played on octave mandolin

What a curiosity: Bach played on Octave Mandolin. Well, it works. Look at this video from southcoastsounds.

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Mandola playing on youtube

Here's a solo on mandola, the tune is Cunla, known by Planxty and others:

Here's a real nice tune called Rochdale Coconut Dance

I really love this one, well made boys!

Some tunes played by fiddle and bouzouki on youtube

Here are some tunes I found on youtube:

First two reels in E minor and one in D:

Then two reels: eileen curen's and another

Here comes a jig:

the wild swans at coole

some g minor "version"

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Kasir - Killavil jig /The Cicada / The Paper Bird

The group Kasir live from "Det Bruunske Pakhus", Denmark,2006. Fine playing. You can see an octave mandolin made by Jimmy Moon.

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Old blind dogs

One of the finest Scottish folk bands around.

this is a video from 1998 at lowender peran.

No zouk, on this one, but nevertheless fantastic. On this video you can see Jonny Hardie, the song is the Barnyards of Delgathy.

This must be a new one featuring Aaron Jones on Cittern. Very short extract only.

Josep Maria Ribelles & Carlos Beceiro

Cittern and Harp together playing some tunes from Catalonia.