Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Julie Fowlis - Celtic Connections

Here's another video by my favorite singer Julie Fowlis.

Some information by sanyalla, who posted this video:
With a blend of voices, styles and instruments from all over the world, Horo Gheallaidh is a musical experience like no other. Join me, Jo Macmin to listen to artists from all over the world giving a special, intimate performances of their songs and tunes at the Horo Gheallaidh ceilidh sessions filmed in Glasgow.
Horo Gheallaidh is an eclectic mix comprising bluegrass, folk, Celtic and world music of the highest quality. Sit back and embark on a journey from the UK through the Mediterranean, North Africa, America and Scandinavia as you listen to the bands and musicians represent their cultural heritage in the way they know best.
This is a unique opportunity to watch world-class artists up close, performing stripped down versions of their songs live on our sofa in a way you wont have seen them before.

Programa emitido 15/11/08 en la BBC Alba.

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