Thursday, 9 September 2010

Andy Irvine - New Album out

Andy's new album called Abocurragh is out now.

Some of the tracks on the album were long awaited to be released as they are part of his live repertiore for many years now, like "The close shave" or "The spirit of Mother Jones". But there are also lots of new songs and a newly recorded "Willy of Winsbury" (Remember Sweeney's Men?).

You can listen to 30 sec samples on his website. I tried to order it for two weeks or so but didn't get an answer from Andy (He was on tour, as nearly always, wasn't he?). But today I got a mail from him. He now has changed his website, so it is possible to order the new album directly from him. I think it would be a nice gesture, to order directly from him so he gets all the benefits for his work.

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