Wednesday, 24 November 2010

2 Duos

My friend Peter recently posted a nice video by 2 Duos, a german/scottish folk band. Gudrun Walter and J├╝rgen Treyz from Germany who also play in the bands Cara and Deitsch and Aaron Jones and Claire Mann from Scotland. Aaron plays bass and cittern in the band Old Blind Dogs and they both play as a Duo, too.

This video was recorded live at the "Thalhaus" Wiesbaden on 21.11.2010

The band itself has posted some videos worth looking too:

Der Markgrafensohn:

Die Rheinbraut

Midlothian Mining Song

Beyond the glen

Saints and sinners


Spike Island Lasses

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Behind the haystack (Jig)

Kyle plays a wonderful Jig called "Behind the haystack"

Monday, 8 November 2010

Andy Irvine at Club Cultimo, Kuhstedtermoor, 04.11.2010

When visiting my sister in the northern part of Germany I had the chance to see Andy irvine not far away from her home. It was the first concert of his German Tour in 2010 and what a start of the tour! The concert was sold out completely. Andy was in really good form and performed lots of his old and new songs.

He started his set with the song "When the boys are on parade"

Willy of Winsbury by Patrick

Patrick must be one of the greatest fans of Andy Irvine on this earth. Here's "Willy Of Winsbury", a song Andy recorded in 1968 with Sweeney's Men and now re-recorded on his fantastic new album Abucurragh.

First this is the raw version on Mandola

And here's the long version on his Davy Stewart Bassouki

Andy Irvine at The Black Horse, Amberley Tuesday 19th October 2010

Here's a little survey of the concert Andy did at the Black Horse, Amberley. I saw him last week and the setlist was a bit different, but that's normal, Andy usually plays some wishes every night.

Robert Tincher - Lakes of Ponchartrain

Some time ago I added a video by Robert playing "Paddy's green Shamrock Shore". Here's another song played by him "The Lakes of Ponchartrain", another folk classic.

more information on him: