Monday, 23 January 2017

Martin Guitar Bouzouki for sale!

A friend of mine likes to sell his Guitar Bouzouki. It's a real gem: A Martin Guitar transformed into a Bouzouki by Luthier Andreas "Pendennis" Koepke.

This is what Michael writes about his Zouk:

I´m selling my Guitar-Bouzouki. It is a rare, „one-off“ conversion of a beautiful CF.Martin SP000C16TR. It has a spruce top and rosewood back and sides. The guitar dates from 1997 (I bought it from new), the conversion was professionally made in 2012 by Andreas „Pendennis“ Köpke ( The original neck wasn´t removed, it was just made narrower.It comes with a new Hiscox case. I´m asking for €1900,- ovno.
You can contact Michael at michael.lempelius(at)

Here are some pictures:


Eoin Jordan said...

Did this ever sell, or is it still available?

Irish Bouzouki said...

It is still available.