Friday, 14 January 2011

Kirsi Emelia Vinnki with Quentin Cooper and Eoin O'Neill - Reels

burrencrawler has posted this fine video to youtube. He writes:

"Kirsi is a talented young fiddle player from Finland who has visited Ennis in Co.Clare many times over the last few years. A regular at the Brogan's sessions she has built up a nice repertoire of Irish tunes. Here she plays a spankin' rendition of the Fermoy Lasses and the dark classic 'Gooseberry Bush', with Quentin Cooper also on fiddle, and Eoin O'Neill on Bouzouki. Willy Daly and Suzanne Leahy get up and stamp out a few steps for the craic, this was a lovely night in Kenny's, Lahinch (Dec 2010)."

Eoin O'Neill is from Clare (Originally from Dublin) and plays in ADAD-tuning. This is what Han Speek writes:

"Basically, simplicity rules. Since you already have a D chord without fretting any string, you could strum and drone behind any tune in D, and not sound out of place. Then, by simply adding any note in the D scale, you could colour this D chord to sound like something that will effectively do the job of any chord you'd want for the scale of D. This is what Eoin does most of the time: he knows his D scale in and out, up and down, and he just colours his droning D chord. He occasionally throws in a single note run, either following or countering the melody, but if you know your scales, that's a piece of cake, of course.

Every now and then he will then go for some more complex "chord" forms, where he even frets 2, or in one extreme (:-)) case, 3 strings."

By the way: here's another video burrencrawler posted:

Damian Werner, Quentin Cooper, Eoin O'Neill live in Kennys Lahinch

Martin O'Brien & Michael O Neill on TG4 Show "Ardán"

Eoin O'Neill in session at Custys Music Shop, Ennis

Eoin O'Neill, Quentin Cooper, Yvonne Casey & Ger Hoyne playing on TG4 'Geantraí' in May 2002

Kitty Hayes and Eoin O'Neill

Kitty Hayes (Concertina), Eoin O'Neill (Bouzouki), Quentin Cooper (Mandolin) and Yvonne Casey (Fiddle) playing on Open House, RTÉ1, November 2001 following the release of her first CD 'A Touch of Clare' in September 2001. Reels: The Galway Rambler and The London Lasses.

Geantraí 2002 @ Pepper's Bar, Feakle, Co. Clare. Kitty Hayes, Eoin O'Neill, Quentin Cooper, Yvonne Casey, Ger Hoyne and Breanndán Ó Beaglaoich.

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