Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Bouzouki Lessons at Irish Music School 2014

Looking for a piece of Ireland concerning music and craic in the Pfälzerwald within Germany? You are looking for the closeness to fantastic Irish traditional folk musicians, you want to learn from them and to do so you would even stay for a whole week with like-minded in a loose atmosphere of a remote guest house? This could be something for you!

You'll find courses for all the instruments used in Irish Music. Bouzouki (of course!), fiddle, flute, whistle, box, harp, bodhran, pipes, banjo and some more. Most of the teachers also offer individual lessons on an hour base in the afternoon.

The agenda for the week is now online. Look at:

More than 100 people have already enlisted. So this certainly will be a week of music and craic. And don't forget the concerts in the evening!

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