Monday, 10 December 2018

Jig Rhythm lesson - Strumming Triplets

This one's for guitar, but as it is about right hand patterns it is useful for Zouk also. It is about strumming triplets in a Jig Rhythm. It takes some time to play it fluently, but it's worth the effort. By the way, Nye published a book about accompanying Irish Music. You can get it here:

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Atsushi Akazawa - Si-Folk

Interesting Zouk player from somewhere in Asia, maybe Japan. Couldn't find any information in English. Here he plays with Tessin Kanekonon Whistle

And here with Karen Ashbrook on Flute

An old recording of his group Si-Folk
Atsushi Akazawa ; Bouzouki
Toyoaki Haraguchi ; Uilleann Pipes
Fumio Yoshida ; B/C Accordion
Recorded live at the Sou-sei Hall in Tokushima 14 November 1997

Recorded live at the R's Art Court in Tokyo on 27 May 2000

Bouzouki Lesson by Bill Worsfold

Just found this on youtube. A short lesson, but Bill shows some chords and right hand techniques. Hopefully he continues with this series.

Monday, 20 August 2018

Lord Kitchener's Pipes - TAB for GDAD

Made from an ABC-File from
If you need the Tabledit-file just comment below.

Tripping Up The Stairs - TAB for GDAD

This is a tab for Tripping Up The Stairs made of an ABC-File from

If you need the tabledit-file just comment below.

My Darling Asleep - TAB for GDAD

I imported an abc-File from
into tabledit and this is the tab that came out. If you need the Tabledit-File just comment below or write an email.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Tijn Berends - The Sauna, Inches from Dublin

Here's another fantastic video from Tijn. So much drive in the right hand. He writes about this:

Here's a nice set of reels, played on my trusty harmonica and my shiny new Joe Foley bouzouki. The first tune is one I wrote myself last week called "The Sauna", inspired by a gig I had to play in a hellishly hot tent. The second one is called "Inches from Dublin", originally from Padraig Rynne (or so I'm told) but I play the version by uillean piper Michael Boere.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Darren Lynch - Bouzouki Lesson #3

Darren Lynch gives us another bouzouki lesson. In #3 he discusses G-Modal and explains some basic chords for accompaniment in G and Gminor.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Jon Doran and Janice Burns

Just came across the website of Shippey Mandolins and found some videos of Jon Doran and Janice Burns. Jon came to the workshop to collect his new bouzouki. What a beauty and good looking instrument. Both played some songs and tunes.
website of Shippey Mandolins:
Link on mandolincafe:

Here are the videos:

Here are some more videos of the two I found on youtube:

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Drunk at night, dry in the morning

An arrangement for the tune Drunk at night, dry in the morning, written by Perthshire fiddler Neil Gow. You can find this tune in the book by Bob Gooday too, in another arrangement. The player names himself C W. You can find some other fine videos of his playing on his youtube channel:

Chord-melody playing for the Irish Bouzouki - Bob Gooday

Some time ago Bob Gooday published an ebook with the title Chord-melody playing for the Irish Bouzouki. It seems that I forgot to mention it here.

In this book he publishes arrangements for 8 Scottish and Irish Tunes for the Irish Bouzouki with Notation and Tab. You can buy it on Amazon for €2.99. That's a good price for value. Unfortunately there are no accompanying Audio Files or Midi Files, so you can't have a listen to what it should sound like. I asked Bob if he could record the tunes and put them on youtube, but it seems he does not have the time to do so.

Now I began to put the tab of one of the tunes (No 3: A Glass of Beer) into Tabledit so that I can listen to it.
If you are interested in the file send me an Email and I will send it to you as Tabledit or midi-file.
I will try to put the other tunes into Tabledit as well.

You can buy the book here:
or here:

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Irish Bouzouki Lesson 2

Darren Lynch gives us his second lesson for Irish Bouzouki. This time it's jig rhythm. Very useful!

Darren is a fantastic singer/Zouk player from Dublin. Look at his website here:

Just as a reminder, here is his first lesson:

And here he's singing a song:

Monday, 29 January 2018

Corey Purcell and Genevieve Gillespie - Bouzouki and Fiddle

Some fine tune sets I found from these two great musicians on youtube. Corey is a dancer and accordion player who also plays cittern, guitar and bodhran. He also sings. He danced with supergroup Danu. He played with bands like Amárach and Poor Man's Gambit (together with Genevieve) and released a solo album called "Flying Solo". Check out his website to find out more.

Genevieve also played with "Burning Bridget Cleary".

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Irish Bouzouki Forum on Facebook

A bit late but...
There is a Forum for the Irish Bouzouki on Facebook. It's not open to everyone so you have to subscribe. You can find it here:

Many well known bouzouki players are on this forum and nearly every aspect of playing the zouk is dealt with. Feel free to ask any questions. Lots to learn.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Daoiri Farrell - Farewell to the gold

Daoiri plays a song from the Four Winds album called Farewell to the Gold. If you don't know him already check out his two CDs!

His website:
Four Winds: 

Daoiri Farrell talks about his bouzouki and plays Pat Rainey

Daoiri Farrell, in my opinion the best new traditional Irish singer at the stringdom. He talks about his bouzouki and sings a song: Pat Rainey.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Andy live 22.10.2008 Kuckucksei Nürtingen

Part 1

Erin Go Bragh
The Girl I left behind
The Close Shave
My Heart Tonight's in Ireland
You Rambling Boys of Pleasure
Arthur McBride
The Highwayman

Part 2

Never Tire Of The Road
Baneasa's Green glades
Time Will Cure Me
Mother Jones
The Wind Blows Over the Danube
The Blacksmith
West Coast Of Clare

Andy Irvine - Kirchheimbolanden, Germany 2004

This was the first concert from Andy I had the chance to film. At first I didn't dare to take out my camcorder, but during the break a friend of mine who knows Andy asked him for permission. He also asked him to play "Baneasa's Green Grass" for me. I was overwhelmed when Andy dedicated the song to me.
Although Andy played together with Rens van der Zalm I only filmed Andy, because I hoped to have the chance to figure out some bits of his playing. Well, more than 10 years passed and I am still struggling with it.

Somebody asked for "West Coast Of Clare" this evening. I think, Andy hadn't played this song for ages. He had some problems with his Bass Bouzouki. But the next shows I saw him this song was on his playlist.

So enjoy this video.

Andy Irvine - Live Sudhaus Tübingen, Germany, April 29. 2004

Another great concert I had the chance to put on video. This one is from a Tour Andy made with and Rens van der Zalm in 2004. Enjoy!


Only A Miner (Only Finale)
The Girl I left Behind
The Close Shave
Suleman Horo
Never Tire Of The Road
The Highwayman

My Heart's Tonight in Ireland
The Blacksmith
Baneasa's Green Glades
The Trip We Took Over The Mountain
Thousands Are Sailing
West Coast Of Clare

Rambling Boys Of Pleasure
Plains Of Kildare

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Andy Irvine - Live 2006 Kall-Steinfeld, Germany

This is a concert, Andy gave in Germany in October 2006. I drove nearly 4 hours to see him there. As the location is a bit hidden and with no Navigation System at that time I had lots of trouble to get there. When I finally arrived the concert had just begun. Luckily I found a free seat in the third row. More luckily the seat was on the left of the stage so I had a good angle for filming. You have a good view of his left hand.

I just came across this old video and thought it might be a good idea to share this one with you. So enjoy! Unfortunately I was too lazy to create a Tracklist. So feel free to post it in the comments ;-)

Chords in the Key of D and G

Bob Gooday has released two videos on youtube which deal with Chords in the key of D and G. If you are a beginner this could be really helpful. As these are beginner tutorials he does not all possibilities on the fretboard. So this can only be a starting point.

Basic Chords in D

These are the basic chords he uses in this video:

Chord symbols - low to high string. 0=open string, x=do not play

D5 x000 or 2000 or 7000
A5 2202 or 2200 (with a D drone)
G5 0555

D Major x400 or 7400
A Major 2242
G Major 0020 or 0520 or 0025

B Minor 4420
B5 4424

E Minor 0222
E5 x222

Basic chords in G

Here are the chord shapes he uses in this video:

Chord symbols - low to high string. 0=open string, x=do not play

G Major 0020 or 0520 or 0025
G5 0555

D5 x000 or 2000
D Major 7400
C Major 0232 or 5232

A Minor 2232
A5 2202

E Minor 0222
E5 x222

To give you a lot more information here are chord charts I made for the key of D. They are in useful combinations. So every line shows one possible chord combination. There are lot of 2-Finger chords which let the open A and D string ring to give a drone Sound which is so special to the bouzouki.

And here is my video which shows how these chords sound like.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Dónal Lunny, Craiceann Bodhrán Festival 2016

Here are some vids I found on youtube featuring Dónal Lunny on Bouzouki. Not many Videos on the net in such high quality.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

More Maids

More Maids is a German Folk Group which plays Irish Folk for many years now.

Barbara Coerdt, Marion Fluck and Barbara Hintermeier are all well known musicians in the German Folk Scene. Until now they produced three CDs.

More information at:

Here is a video which contains two of the songs from their latest CD.

Here's another video from 2011

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Elmstein Summer School 2017 - Bouzouki Workshop with Tobias Kurig

This year Elmstein Summer School will take place from July 31 to August 6th. Look at all the workshops that will take place. And as a special guest Paddy Keenan will give a MasterClass for Uilleann Pipes and Whistle.

The teacher of Bouzouki Workshop is Tobias Kurig, like last year. So take the chance and subscribe here:

Tijn Berends Solo Gig @ Gluren Bij De Buren, Utrecht

Tijn is a multi-instrumentalist from the Netherlands. He plays with the band/Duo "Itchy Fingers". Don't confuse with the German Band of the same name.

I already postet some of his videos before. Here is a live gig filmed in a living room somewhere. Tijn plays Bouzouki, Guitar and sings. If you search for him on youtube you'll find lots more videos.

Here's another video from Tijn:

He writes about this tune:

Here's a tune I learned some time ago called "Escapade in A minor". I don't play it in A minor because of reasons. Suzanne created a really awesome bodhrán part to go with it and it sounded so cool that we decided to record it. So here you go!