Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Randy Clepper - Bouzouki Workshops online on Sat, Oct. 9th!!!




























Randy Clepper will be giving two bouzouki workshops at Quarantune Dulcimer Festival 2022 on Sat, Oct. 8. They are very cheap, so you can't go wrong registering. Randy will go deep into chords and Rhythm Technique. You'll also get a link to download the workshop afterwise.

You can register here

Registration is open until Saturday, Oct 1st, 7pm EDT -- there are still spaces left in both classes!  

This is what Randy writes about his workshops:

Irish Bouzouki: Chord Voicings

Bouzouki Non-Level Specific (Saturday, Session 6: Oct 8, 4:15 - 5:15 PM EDT, 8:15 - 9:15 PM GMT)

You’ll learn some favorite chord voicings for playing in different keys. We’ll explore major, minor, and “modal” examples. We’ll include some countermelody movements as well as two-and three-finger movable chord patterns, and explore when it is advantageous to use a capo. Examples in GDAD-based tuning but other tunings are welcome. Novice to intermediate level. BRING A CAPO.


Irish Bouzouki: Exploring Rhythm Techniques

Bouzouki Non-Level Specific (Saturday, Session 7: Oct 8, 5:30 - 6:30 PM EDT, 9:30 - 10:30 PM GMT)

We’ll explore basic rhythms and strumming patterns for jigs (several varieties), reels, hornpipes, polkas slides, etc. on the bouzouki. We will look at tempo-based adjustments in strumming, e.g, what should I do when a jig/polka/slide is too fast, what to emphasize, what can be left out. Examples in GDAD-based tuning but other tunings are welcome. Novice to intermediate level.



Sunday, 25 September 2022

Maid On The Green - Alec Finn & Mary Bergin - Tab















A few days ago I posted another version of this lovely jig. Here's the version of Mary Bergin with Alec Finn. I tried my best to tab the acompaniment, but there may be some mistakes in it. So please let me know if you find them ;-)


Here's the download of my tab. Maid On The Green

Friday, 23 September 2022

Maid On The Green - Willie Kelly & Mike Rafferty with Donal Clancy on Bouzouki - Tab















A well known jig here played by Willie Kelly & Mike Rafferty accompanied by Donal Clancy. Donal plays lovely countermelody on this one.

Here's my tab for this one: Maid On The Green Tab


Monday, 19 September 2022

Bouzouki Workshop with Matt Heaton on Sunday, Oct 9 at 11 Eastern Time


Matt Heaton will be offering a zoom workshop on Sunday, Oct 9 at 11 Eastern Time. It costs 25$.
If you know his fantastic workshop videos on youtube you know what to expect.
If you are interested please write an email to Matt Heaton matt@mattandshannonheaton.com
Here's a link:

Sunday, 18 September 2022

Matt Heaton - Backer Corner - How to accompany Polkas

Matt just posted another video in his Backer Corner series. This time he talks about backing polkas. I think his series is definitely one of the best tutorials available at the moment. So have a look at it.

If you are not familiar with Matt Heaton up to now look for Matt & Shannon Heaton on google and youtube. You'll find plentyful of good music and information. They do Slow Sessions on youtube and Shannon published some fine books on Irish Music. https://shannonheatonmusic.com


Kevin Elam: Bodenstown Churchyard (Album Release Concert)

 Kevin Elam sings a song from his debut album "If I were a small bird". Check out his album at:


You might also check his patreon page where he offers tutorials for bouzouki and other topics at:


The melody is very similar to "The Granemore Hare" Colleen Raney's Version can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ow5kNq2vPZY

Lyrics: Thomas Davis, as recorded byThe Wolftones

In Bodenstown churchyard there is a green grave,And wildly around it the winter winds rave;Small shelter I ween are the ruined walls thereWhen the storm sweeps down on the plains of Kildare.Once I lay on that sod it lies over Wolfe ToneAnd thought how he perished in prison alone,His friends unavenged and his country unfreed"Oh, bitter, " I said, "is the patriots meed.
"For in him the heart of a woman combinedWith heroic spirit and a governing mindA martyr for Ireland, his grave has no stoneHis name sheldom named, and his virtues unknown."I was woke from my dream by the voices and treadOf a band who came into the home of the dead;They carried no corpse, and they carried no stone,And they stopped when they came to the grave of Wolfe Tone.
There were students and peasants, the wise and the brave,And an old man who knew him from cradle to grave,And children who thought me hard-hearted, for theyOn that sanctified sod were forbidden to play.But the old man, who saw I was mourning there, said:"We come, sir, to weep where young Wolfe Tone is laid,And we're going to raise him a monument, tooA plain one, yet fit for the loyal and true."
My heart overflowed, and I clasped his old hand,And I blessed him, and blessed every one of his band:"Sweet, sweet tis to find that such faith can remainIn the cause and the man so long vanquished and slain."In Bodenstown churchyard there is a green grave,And freely around it let winter winds raveFar better they suit him the ruin and gloomTill Ireland, a nation, can build him a tomb.

Bodenstown is in Sallins, Co. Kildare, where Wolfe Tone is buried. Wolfe Tone was one of the leaders of the 1798 uprising, often referred to as the rebellion of the 'United Irishmen' due to the fact that Catholic and Protestant Republicans fought side by side. (Notes Finbar & Eddie Furey, 'The Farewell Album')

Here's the version of the Wolftones:

Here's Frank Harte's Version:

Thursday, 15 September 2022

The New Broom - Barndance - Donal Clancy accompaniment

 This time I tried to tab a barndance composed by Vincent Broderick and played by Willie Kelly and Mike Rafferty accompanied by Donal Clancy on Bouzouki. Here's the tune:


Here's the tab I made for it: (You can download the tab as pdf here)

Thursday, 8 September 2022

Kevin Elam - Jig Accompaniment: Why You Should Learn "Down-Up-Down"

Kevin Elam talks about accompanying Jigs and gives four reasons why you should learn DUDDUD  Rhythm. He does not say that playing DUDUDU is false, but that it should be your main pattern and match it with alternates.


Kevin has a patreon page, if you find his videos interesting you might think about joining his patreon page. https://www.patreon.com/kevinelammusic

Tuesday, 14 June 2022

Jimmy Noonan - The Maple Leaf Session - Courting Them All - Tab

Today I listened to the beautiful Album by Jimmy Noonan, Michael Shorrock, Chris Mc Grath & Ted Davis called Maple Leaf. On it there is a Reel Set called Courting Them All, which took my attention because I loved the melody of the first tune and also the bouzouki accompaniment of Michael Shorrock.

When trying to tab it I found out, that it is not too difficult, but effective. Of course, there are some difficult parts in it, you'll find out. I definitely did not catch all of the finesses, but this is what I found out.

You can listen to the tune here:



You can download my tab here:


If you would like the tabledit file, so you can listen to it and edit it please write a comment or a mail.

This is how it looks like, First line = melody taken from https://thesession.org/tunes/4058, second line = Bouzouki accompaniment:


Monday, 13 June 2022

Eoin O'Neill - The Laurel Tree - Tab

Some days ago I posted the tab for Martin Wynne's No 3. Then I posted The Pinche's Snuff, also called The Pinch of Snuff. Now it's the third tune in this set called "The Laurel Tree", sometime also called "The Laurel Bush".

This is my attempt to tab Eoin's accompaniment of The Laurel Tree


This is an excerpt, the melody is underneath the accompaniment. The melody is taken from thesession.org. 

If you would like the tabledit file, so you can listen to it and edit it please write a comment or a mail.