Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Essential Hand Stretches For Guitarists or Any Instrumentalist

Some tipps from GuitarLessons365

Lenghten your fingers

An exercise by Brett Ridgeway that might help to lengthen your fingers. I think it's also an exercise to warm up your fingers.

Tuesday, 30 June 2020

The Storms Are On The Ocean

A lovely song I first heard from the group Bohola. The Carter Family made it popular, I think. I play nearly the same arrangement as Pat Broaders does on the self titled CD. Sorry for the mistakes. Also I forgot the 3rd verse and sang it as last verse.;-) Shit happens.

Some information about the song is to be found here:

Here is my chord sheet for the song (Capo 7)

{t:The Storms are on the Ocean}
Capo 7

I'm [D]going a [G]way to [D]leave you, love
I'm going a [A]way for a [D]while
But I'll re [G]turn to [D]you sometime
If I go ten [A]thousand [D]miles

The [G]storms are on the [D]ocean
And the [Bm]heavens may [A]cease to [D]be
This [G]world may lose its [D]motion, [Bm]love
If [D]I prove [A]false to [D]thee

Oh [D]who will [G]dress your [D]pretty little feet
And who will [A]glove your [D]hands
And who will [G]kiss your [D]rosy cheek
When I'm in a [A]faraway [D]land

Oh [D]Poppa will [G]dress my [D]pretty little feet
And Momma will [A]glove my [D]hand [G] 
And [D]you will [G]kiss my [D]rosy cheek
When you re [A]turn a [D]gain

Oh [D]have you [G]seen those [D]mournful doves
Flying from [A]pine to [D]pine [G] 
[D]Mourning [G]for their [D]own true love
Just like I [A]mourn for [D]mine

The [G]storms are on the [D]ocean
And the [Bm]heavens may [A]cease to [D]be
This [G]world may lose its [D]motion, [Bm]love
If [D]I prove [A]false to [Bm]thee [G] 
If [D]I prove [A]false to [D]thee [G]  [D] 

Sunday, 28 June 2020

Josephine Marsh

Josephine March, composer, box and fiddle player. Her brother, Pat, plays bouzouki on these videos.

Geantraí 1998. 
All's Well That Ends Well (Jig 00:00) Jigermyster (Jig 01:27) a set of jigs composed by Josephine Marsh.

Tunes: Lad O'Berine's (Reel 00:00) Phyllis' Reel ( 01:54)
Josephine Marsh, (button accordion) Eithne Ní Dhonaile, (harp) John Weir, (fiddle) + Pat Marsh (bouzouki ) recorded in Ennis, Co. Clare in 1998.

Gradam Ceoil TG4 2020 - The Finale: 

Tá an Coileach ag Fógairt an Lae (Song 0:00), Paddy Fahy's (Reel 1:02), Jig For The One Row (Jig 1:39) & Lead The Knave (Reel 2:38)

Sunday, 21 June 2020

Fingertraining exercises

This post is in German, but I think it is easy to understand. Some exercises to warm up your fingers. It is always a good idea to warm up fingers before playing. But oftentimes I forget to do it because I just want to play ;-)

Matt Heaton - Intro to Jig Rhythm

For some weeks now Matt Heaton offers workshops how to accompany Irish Music on Guitar. This week he offers the first Rhythm Workshop. He concentrates on Jigs. No chords this time, so this workshop is useful for Bouzouki players too.

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Accompaniment in Bm/D - Jig "The Humours of Glynn" - Karl Nesbitt

Karl Nesbitt gives a little introduction to accompany a jig in Bm/D. This is a nice presentation for beginners. Karl also provides some introductional videos for Bodhran, Whistle and Flute on youtube.

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Tim Browne - Down By Blackwater Side

A lovely song here sung by Tim Browne, a singer and bouzouki player from Kanturk, Ireland. He just sent me his CD he made called Where Treasures Lay by his Duo called Cosamar. What a lovely CD. I really enjoy listening to it. So I searched for his other CDs at my home and found this song, which can be found on youtube too.

Tim can be found via this website: https://www.mosesbridgemusic.com
and here: https://www.reverbnation.com/timbrowne


I found the words of the song in his book"Stories in Song Vol. 1" which is available here:

I made a chord sheet to accompany the video:

{t:Blackwater Side}
{st:Tim Browne Version}

As [D]I roved [D/F#]out one [G]morning fair,
being [D]early [G]as I [D]strayed                             - Hammering-On over "early" D-String 0-4
It [D]being all on the month of [G/B]June,
the [D]binds sang in the [G]shade                             - Hammering-On over "birds" D-String 0-4
The [D]sun shone down right merri[G5]ly
and the [D]waters did gently [G]glide
Where [D]primroses and [G]daisies grow
down [D]by Black[A]water[D]side

I scarce had gone but half one mile when then by chance I spied
Two lovers talking as they walked down by Blackwaterside
And as he embraced her in his arms these words unto her did say
When I'm in America, I will be true, to my bonny Irish maid

When you are in America, those Yankee girls you'll find
And you'll have sweethearts of your own more pleasing to your mind
But do not forget the promises and vows you made unto me
Oh stay at home love and do not roam from your bonny Irish maid

When I'm in America those Yankee girls I'll see
But they'll have to be very pretty love to remind me of thee
There's not one bird in yon green bush or a flower in yonder glade
Which does remind me love of you, my bonny Irish Maid

It's many's the foolish youth she said has gone to a distant shore
Leaving behind his own true love perhaps to see no more
It's in crossing of the Atlantic foam their graves are sometimes made
Oh stay at home love and do not roam from your bonny Irish maid

And so these two young lovers, so fondly did embrace
Like honey drops all on the dew the tears ran down her face
Saying there'll not be a day while you're away but I'll visit still these green glades
Until you will return here once more to your bonny Irish maid

[D]: x000
[D/F#]: x400
[G]: 0520 or 0500?
[G/B]: 4550 or 4500
[G5]: x550