Sunday, 3 October 2021

Online Bouzouki workshop with Owen Marshall on Oct. 23rd and 24th

 Owen Marshall will host a second Bouzouki workshop on Oct. 23rd and 24th. It's your chance to learn from a master. The last workshop was so inspiring!

And by the way, there's a banjo workshop with Seamus Egan, too.

Here's the schedule from the website:

  • Workshop: Tenor Banjo/Mandolin with Seamus Egan (Saturday/Sunday) 
  • Workshop: Guitar with Kyle Sanna (Saturday/Sunday) 
  • Workshop: Bouzouki with Owen Marshall (Saturday/Sunday) 
  • Workshop: Arranging and performing as an ensemble  
  • Live performance with the Seamus Egan Project (Saturday) 
  • Access to streamed concert of “Early Bright / LIVE” (with Jenna Moynihan on fiddle) 

Workshops will run from 1:00pm-5:15pm ET on Saturday, October 23rd, and 1:00pm-5:45pm ET on Sunday, October 24th. All workshops will be recorded and made available to all registrants at the weekend's conclusion. Please submit both the registration fee and the registration form. Zoom links and instructions will be sent out by October 22nd.

 Admission is $100 for the entire weekend of music and instruction. Each registrant will receive access to all the live events.


You can register here:


Ye Vagabonds - Lowlands of Holland

 Ye Vagabonds and their lovely version of the classic Song "Lowlands of Holland". I tried to tab the intro because it is so beautiful. Capo 2nd fret. The bouzouki is stringed in octaves, so it sounds different if your bouzouki is stringed in unisons. 

If you find any mistakes please let me know.

{t:Lowlands of Holland}
{st:Ye Vagabonds}
{c:a comment}

The [D]love that I have cho[G]sen I there[D]with be con[Bm]tent
The [D]salt sea shall be fro[G]zen be[D]fore that [A] re[D]pent
Re[D]pent it shall I [G]ne[D]ver un[G]til the [D]day I [Bm]die
But the [G]lowlands of [D]Holl[G]and has [D]twined my [A]love and I[D].

My love lies in the salt sea and I am on the side
enough to break a young thing's heart that lately was a bride.
But lately was a bonny bride and pleasure in her eye.
For the lowlands of Holland has twined my love and I.

My love he built a bonny ship and set her on the sea
With seven score good mariners to bear her company.
But the weary wind began to rise, the sea began to rout
And my love then and his bonny ship turned with the shins about.

There shall nae a quaff come on my head nor comb come through my hair
There shall neither coal nor candlelight shine in my bower mair.
Nor will I marry another one, until the day I die
For the high winds and stormy seas have twined my love and I.

Oh hold your tongue my daughter dear, be still and be content.
There's men enough in Galloway, you need not sore lament.
Oh there's men enough in Galloway, alas there's none for me
For I never had a love but one and he's drownded in the sea.

Tuesday, 28 September 2021

2021 Tionol Colin Farrell, Shane Farrell, Alan Murray

 A short concert for Tionol 2021.


In Conversation ... Donal Lunny and Paddy Glackin

Donal and Paddy speaking to Carl Corcoran about their lives in music at Blas International Summer School of Irish Traditional Music and Dance, in association with the North Atlantic Fiddle Convention. 

They also play some tunes together.

Daoiri Farrell - Sweet Portadown - Chords and Intro


A wonderful love song from Daoiri's latest album.


You'll find lots more tabs for tunes and songs on this blog here: 


{t:Sweet Portadown}
{st:Daoiri Farrell}

As [Dm]I went out [C]walkin' one [Gm]morning in [Am]June,
I [Bb]spied a fair [Am]damsel in the [Bb]sweet summer [C]bloom,
Her [Dm]cheeks they were [Am]rosy, her [Gm]hair it hung [Am]down
And she [Gm]came from Black[Am]water near to [Bb]sweet Porta[Dm]down.

I [Dm]stood in a[C]mazement as the [Gm]breezes did [Am]blow,
And the [Bb]blood in my [Am]veins like a [Bb]river did [C]flow
I [Dm]thought her the [Am]fairest in all [Gm]Ireland was [Am]found,
The [Gm]day when I [Am]met her, near to [Bb]sweet Porta[Dm]Idown

Says [Dm]I my we [C]lassie, I [Gm]don’t know your [Am]name,
She [Bb]answered me [Am]shyly, I’m a[Bb]fflicted the [C]same,
Says [Dm]I mine's O’[Am]Connor, a [Gm]name of re[Am]nown,
She [Gm]says mine's O’[Am]Driscoll from [Bb]sweet Porta[Dm]Idown,

I ex[Dm]cused myself [C]kindly, I [Gm]said if you [Am]please,
We will [Bb]both take a [Am]ramble in the [Bb]Blackwater [C]breeze
I’m [Dm]sorry she [Am]said, but I [Gm]can’t go to[Am]day, 
For I’m [Gm]searching for [Am]young lambs, that [Bb]have gone a[Dm]stray.

Then [Dm]I will go [C]with you, in [Gm]search of your [Am]flock,
And the [Bb]sun it did [Am]dazzle on her [Bb]dark amber [C]locks,
We [Dm]searched the [Am]whole day, till the [Gm]sun it went [Am]down,
And at [Gm]length we lo[Am]cated them near to [Bb]sweet Porta[Dm]down,

As we [Dm]made our way [C]homeward, we [Gm]sat down to [Am]rest,
And we [Bb]watched the rock [Am]thrush on the [Bb]Blackwater [C]cress,
I t[Dm]old her I [Am]loved her, as the [Gm]sun went [Am]down,
Be[Gm]hind the [Am]green hills near to [Bb]sweet Porta[Dm]down,

She [Dm]said if you [C]love me, you [Gm]must be ex[Am]cused
For [Bb]I am a [Am]poor girl, so you [Bb]must be re[C]fused,
I [Dm]work hard for a [Am]living, the [Gm]whole year a[Am]round,
And be[Gm]sides I would [Am]never, leave [Bb]sweet Porta[Dm]down,

I won’t [Dm]ask you to [C]leave it, the [Gm]place of your [Am]birth,
For [Bb]I know it’s the [Am]grandest and [Bb]fairest on [C]earth,
But if [Dm]you’ll con[Am]sent for to [Gm]be my own [Am]bride,
It’s [Gm]married we’ll [Am]be by the [Bb]Blackwater [Dm]side,

We [Dm]went to her [C]parents, they [Gm]considered a[Am]while,
Her [Bb]mother looked [Am]on me, and at [Bb]length she did [C]smile,
If [Dm]Flora con[Am]sents, so [Gm]we’ll consent [Am]to
And it’s [Gm]married we [Am]were on the [Bb]18th of [Dm]June

Come [Dm]all ye fair [C]maidens, as[Gm]semble to[Am]night,
And [Bb]marry your [Am]first love, even [Bb]though at first [C]sight,
Don’t [Dm]marry for [Am]riches or [Gm]fame or re[Am]nown,
For [Gm]we living [Am]happy near to [Bb]sweet Porta[Dm]down.

Dm: 7000
C: 5500 or 5530 or sometimes 0230
Gm: 0010 or 0550
Am: 2202 (A5) or 2230
Bb: 3010 or 3013

Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Matt Heaton - Accompanying Slides

 Just found the time to make a little tab for this tutorial by Matt Heaton. In this series he talks about accompanying slides. He takes the DUDUDU - Jig Rhythm as basis and omits some parts. He ends up with D_DU_U|D_DU_U| etc.

This is how it looks in Tab:

The last bar is a little variation for endings.


Monday, 30 August 2021

A groovy Jig Rhythm pattern


This is a groovy Jig Rhythm pattern. Found it on the CD Wooden Flute Obsession 2 Disk 2 on the tune Fly on the porter. Sorry, key signature is wrong, has to be G for D Mixolydian.

Link to the tune on

A nice Jig Rhythm pattern


   I like this little Jig rhythm pattern a lot.