Friday, 7 February 2020

Bjarne Gregers Schmidt

Bjarne is a bouzouki player based in Denmark.

Irish Bouzouki chord groups by Jeff Ksiazek

Jeff is a guitar and bouzouki and Flute/Whistle player based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is offering online lessons for Guitar and Bouzouki.
You can find his website at:

On his website he offers a pdf with chord groups for bouzouki which is worth a look at for beginners:

Here you can find some tunes played very slowly on Whistle and Flute:

Jeff on Soundcloud:

And his band, Athas: 

Here are some videos he posted on youtube:

Saturday, 4 January 2020

Chord shapes in G-Minor - also usable Capo 2, then A-Minor

Here's a little chord chart I made some time ago. Chords in higher positions for G-Minor. With capo on the 2nd fret this is useful for tunes in the key of A-Minor. Just play along and have fun.

Andy Irvine - The Girl I Left Behind Chords

Some time ago I tried to figure out the chords to the song The girl I left behind as Andy plays it. Unfortunately Tabledit did not recognize the names of the chords correctly. But nevertheless, it's the fingering that counts. The song starts in the video at 0:29 min.

These are the chords I figured out:

Lots of chords for bouzouki

A video I found some time ago, but as often forgotten to post it. Jwhelan shows lots of chords and chord combinations. Unfortunately no chord chart here. If anyone would like to write these chords down please share the list in the comments.

Eamon Doorley Style

I really don't remember where I got this video from. Probably I found it on youtube. So I don't know who this bouzouki playing guy is, but the tips are worth trying. As I did not know the original source I had to upload it to youtube by myself. If anyone knows the name of this guy please let me know in the comments.

Wednesday, 25 December 2019

New Course on OAIM: Bouzouki Progressions

OAIM has just released a new course for Bouzouki. Here's a teaser:

I just subscribed and will try it within the next days. You can subscribe here:

I finished watching the whole course now. If you followed the two first bouzouki courses you can easily follow this new course. It starts really easy with the well known Reel "The mountain road". Nothing really new here but worth trying. During the next courses Alan will take you to a new level of bouzouki playing, especially in the last courses (7-13). You'll learn more about counter melody, cross picking and some nice chord shapes.
All in all I can really recommend this course. I think one month should be enough to work through the courses which would cost 19.95€, that's less than 2€ per course which is really worth it. And btw, if you subscribe you also have access to all the other courses on OAIM, so why not have a look at all these lovely tunes and don't forget the virtual sessions and the play along tracks.

Tuesday, 17 December 2019

The Holly Bush - The Dogs Among The Bushes Reels

A few days ago I posted a version of the holly bush. Here's another one played by Tommaso Tornielli (irish flute) and Luca Sulcanese (cittern).

Monday, 16 December 2019

Catherine McEvoy & Ruairí McGorman - The Holly Bush/The Shores of Loughrea

Lovely flute and bouzouki duo. Ruairi's playing reminds a lot of Alec Finn. Sounds so easy, but look at his right hand. Where are the ups and downs? Hard to figure out.

I tried to tab the first round through The Holly Bush. Here it is. Capo 1st Fret if you want to play to the video.

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh and √Čamon Doorley - An Sean Duine

Today I tried to tab the accompaniment by Eamon Doorley to a very beautiful song sung by Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh to the song An Sean Duine. I saw Muireann oftentimes live in various pubs in Dingle where I spent my holidays during the last few years. It's always a pleasure to hear her sing or play her flute.

In this video from 2005 she is only accompanied by Eamon Doorley so the arrangement of the bouzouki can be heard very well. As always my tab is not intended to be 100% correct. But it helps a bit to understand how Eamon plays his zouk. The real accompaniment can't be put in tab, because Muireann makes some small pauses sometimes which have to be filled which I had to omit. 

Here's my tab:

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Isaac Anderson and Alan Murray - John McHugh's/The duke of Leinster's wife/The Jolly Tinker - updated!

Lovely set played here on Flute and Bouzouki. I already posted some videos with Alan Murray. Really love his style of playing.

I tried to transcribe the accompaniment of the bouzouki. Here's the intro and first part of John McHugh's Jig aka Kevin McHugh's. Please don't expect it to be 100% correct. ;-)

Thursday, 21 November 2019

Nuadan - Barrell Rafferty's

Just got the new CD from Nuadan yesterday. I really like the style Macdara plays his bouzouki. So I tried to figure out an accompaniment. My first attempt was the tune Barrell Rafferty's, it's the second tune on track 8. Unfortunately there is no sound sample to be found on the web to link to.

So here's my attempt to create the tab. There might be lots of mistakes in it, but I hope it shows a little bit how Macdara's style functions. Macdara uses Capo 4 on this track.

Here's the link to thesession:
To accompany it put capo on 7th fret.

Update: chords and positions for bouzouki

I recently updated my worksheet for building chords. Here's the new version. It contains positions of possible fingerings for most used chords. So you can figure out, where to put your fingers if you need a chord for a chord change.

For example: If you play a D (7400) and want to change to a nearby G chord you could choose (7500) or (7900) or maybe (7 9 10 0).

! There is a mistake in this list. It should be Bb Major, not minor! You don't need a BbMinor chord for the most common tunes.

Thursday, 14 November 2019

Oisin Morrison, Macdara O'Faolain

I really love the playing of Macdara O'Faolain from the band Nuadan. Here is a video of Oisin Morrison on Flute and Macdara an Zouk.

I tried to figure out some of Macdara's accompaniment. I don't think it's really correct, but it helps a bit to understand what he is doing. I think the tune is called The Hills Of Larraga. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Here's the Link to thesession:

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Chordfinder for Irish Bouzouki

Here's another websites which helps to find chord shapes for bouzouki. Someone mentioned it on the Bouzouki Forum in Facebook. Thanks for the hint.

In the advanced section you can make some adjustments. Definitely worth a try when looking for variation of chords.

Paddy Ryan's Dream

This time I tried to find out the accompaniment which Brendan O'Regan plays on the tune Paddy Ryan's Dream together with Matt Molloy. He starts at the repetition of the A-Part.

Here's the video I tabbed the accompaniment from. I cut off the first tune, the air black is the colour of my true love's hair.

Here's the link to the notation at

Sunday, 27 October 2019

Daoiri Farrell live in Pforzheim, Germany, 24.09.2019

I had the pleasure to see Daoiri Farrell and his Trio live in Pforzheim some weeks ago. Here are some of the videos I took that day. Enjoy.

Thursday, 15 August 2019

Out On The Ocean - Jig

It is always interesting in how many ways one tune can be accompanied. Inspired by this thought I listened to lots of recordings of one of my favourite tunes and wrote the chord combinations down. Out of these I chose the ones I liked the most and combined them on this worksheet.

The chord range stretches from two chord arrangements of Hayes/Cahill, which I really like, to more complex chord combinations.

Here's my worksheet. If you need a better quality contact me and I will send it via mail.

Monday, 15 July 2019

Exercise: Coordination of both hands 2

Another exercise for coordination of both hands. If you download the photo of the tab it will appear larger.

Exercise: Coordination of both hands

I don't remember where I found this exercise, but it is a nice exercise to practice coordination of both hands.


Sunday, 14 July 2019

Daoiri Farrell - Pat Rainey Intro

Just tried to figure out the intro to Pat Rainey. Here's what I found out.

This is not the video I tabbed the intro from, but I can't find the other one right now.

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Steph Geremia Band feat. Aaron Jones

Aaron Jones (Old Blind Dogs, Litha) plays Cittern (DADAD) with the Steph Geremia Band. What a fantastic combination.

Polka Set

Three reels off Steph's album 'Up She Flew'. 

Come Up to the Room I Want Ye / Ebb Tide / Benbulben's Shadow

Allan Ricketts

Allan comes from Newfoundland. He's a traditional musician and visual artist. His instruments are octave mandolin, banjo, accordion and pedal steel guitar. He recorded two CDs in 2006 and 2009.
Allan on Twitter:
Here are some of his youtube videos:

As I roved out

The Lakes of Pontchartrain

The Hills of Glenswilly

The Orchard


The Queen Of Connemara

The Flower Of Magherally


City of Chicago

Sunday, 24 February 2019

Cyril O'Donoghue

Bouzouki player Cyril o'Donoghue from Doolin. He played with the band Providence. Are they still existing? I saw them more than 10 years ago live in Germany.

The first two videos must have been taken by a bouzouki player.

Cyril O'Donoghue, & Padraig O'Reilly performing at The Corofin Traditional Festival on March 5, 2016

The Foxy Devil

Lord Franklin

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Finger gymnastics by Vincent Fogarty

Some days ago I got in contact with Vincent Fogarty, a bouzouki player from Tipperary, Ireland. Some yeas ago he recorded an album with a band called The Red Wellies. It can be found here:

or here:

or here:

At the bottom I will include some videos of the Red Wellies.

Vincent sent me some short video clips in which he shows some finger exercises. He kindly allowed me to post them here, too. Many thanks, Vincent!

He writes about these exercises:

These are exercises I did every day for about six months about 25 years ago. They are challenging but the results are well worth the work. The idea is to start slow and get the notes clear and in time. Keep your pick tight to the string don’t make your movements too big. This will do wonders for your pick and finger coordination. The exercises can be done as four finger three finger or two finger using any end of the fretboard as the start. Starting yesterday I’ve decided to do these again over the next few months. If you think they would be good to post then do so that’s fine by me. Good luck with them.

Clip No. 1

He writes about this clip:

In the first clip I have my capo at the 7th fret. I start with my pinky on the 15th fret of my highest string Start with a down stroke then an up stroke then down then up etc. alternating. Tab is. 15-14-13-12. When you get to fret 12 place your pinky finger on fret 14 then play from there in descending frets/notes. Tab 14-13-12-11 etc until you get to your capo. Then March your fingers back up the frets to 15. Then descend on the next highest string starting with your ring finger on the 14th fret. Pay attention to your picking here. Then descend on that string then the next string then the next string. Then you can start on the lower course and work your way high. 

Clip No. 2

He writes about this clip:

In this clip I play a four note exercise that moves vertically on the fretboard. When you get to the bottom series of 15-14-13-12 you put your pinky on fret 14 which moves your hand one fret then you descend vertically. When you get to the top 14-13-12-11 you place your pinky on the 13 fret and this moves your hand forward again etc.

Clip No. 3

This clip refers to video 2. Vincent writes about it:

This is what my right hand looks like. Start att of the exercises with a down stroke.

Clip No. 4

Vincent writes about this exercise:

This exercise is a linear moment that also descends and ascends.

Clip No. 5

Vincent writes about this exercise:

This exercise is good for developing finger strength and control of your pinky. It’s a two note run starting lower and ending at the fifteenth fret.

Clip No. 6

I did this as a three finger exercise. It also has a linear movement. I’ve also moved the capo to fret five so as to have more fretboard. As I move I also alternate fingers. Pointer finger ring finger pinky frets 689. Then I move too the next lowest string and use fingers pointer middle finger and pinky on frets 7810. I alternate this pattern as I descend and ascend.

Clip No. 7

Vincent writes:

Hi Frank the last clip is my right hand. I’m trying to show how tight I keep the pick to the strings.

The clips I sent will help with your speed but they are more so directed at pick/finger coordination.

The Red Wellies:

Here are some videos I found on youtube:

The Red Wellies play Dr. O'Neill's and Tom Billy's at a house concert in Atlanta:

Beanie Odell -Fiddle Duncan Wickel -Fiddle Vincent Fogarty -Bouzouki

Carter Center farmers market, freedom Parkway

A set of favorite reels:The Road to Garrison (composed by Maurice Lennon-also commonly known as The Godfather);House of Hammil (Ed Reavy);Hounds of Letterfrack (might really be Martin O'Connor's Clog)