Saturday, 27 January 2007

Aaron Jones Bouzouki Workshop

Aaron Jones is a member of Scottish folk band "Old blind dogs" now for some years. He also plays with his friend Claire Mann who is a fantastic flute and fiddle player. He studied bass, but somehow came to play the zouk and DADGAD guitar. He was voted Instrumentalist of the Year 2005 at the Scots Trad Music Awards.

He sometimes gives bouzouki workshops. On one of his workshops I made this little video in which he shows how to play the tune "A punch in the dark". If you have the chance to visit one of his workshops or concerts don't hesitate. I saw him live with Claire Mann and also with fiddler Tim o'Brien. You won't believe your ears and eyes, so fantastic.

More information about Aaron:


philbert said...

Greetings and thanks for the Blog I would like to know what tuning Aaron is using in the workshop ? ta much

Ohrenspitzer said...

Hi Philbert,

he is using DGDAD

philbert said...

Thanks is he using his thumb to mute the low D ? I have been using this tuning for a while and find it very liberating . cheers

Alberto said...

Hi there!

I am a zouk player from Asturias, Spain.

Nice weblog. I'll keep visiting.


antemil said...

Thanks for this blog. I get to it from yahoo list. I'm learning bouzouki and you're doing a marvellous job collecting all this info together. Thank you very much!