Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Banshees in the Kitchen

Banshees In The Kitchen, what a name!

The Banshees are a US based all female folk trio consisting of Brenda Hunter (fiddle, hammered dulcimer, Jill Egland (flute, accordion, whistle) and Mary Tulin (six- and twelve-string guitar, bouzouki).

They play a lively mix of trad tunes and songs. Currently you can find three songs and tune on youtube. I chose the one with the bouzouki playing, of course. It's called "war hent".

The Banshees website:

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Mary said...

Thanks so much for posting our video, and for the kind words! Just a note: the band name is Banshee in the Kitchen. Singular. Again many thanks!
Mary Tulin
Banshee in the Kitchen