Thursday, 1 March 2007

Barry Kerr & Rubén Bada

Rubén Bada was born in Avilés, in the northern coast of Asturies, and raised in the Cape Peñes area, where the Asturian language and culture are still healthy and alive. Ruben got his hands on his first guitar at the age of 14 having experimented with many instruments from the age of eight including the Trombone!. After listening to some Bothy Band and Llan de Cubel tapes, he realized that the traditional music he had listened to since child (in Asturies there is a piper everywhere...) could be taken further and that strings (guitar and bouzouki) could be a key ingredient. After a couple of years learning Asturian tunes and discovering Irish music, he got his first bouzouki, a Greek one borrowed from a friend and it was at this time that he began to learn the fiddle. Rubén started his recording career in 1998 with the band Xéliba with whom he recorded two albums. Soon after he became a highly demanded studio musician and producer, working as a band member or in the studio with Asturian acts such as Anabel Santiago, Mari luz Cristobal, N'arba, Corquieu, Dixebra, Llacín Pipe Band, Ú?, Toli Morilla...touring all over Europe. In 2004 Rubén moved to Belfast, and soon he became part of the local music scene. Currently, Rubén is playing with the bands "DRD", and John Mcsherry and Dónal O'Connor's "At First Light". In February 2006, Rubén was awarded "Best Instrumentalist" in the Asturian Music Awards. (info from hit website at,

Barry Kerr: Originally from the southern shores of Lough Neagh, but now working and living in Belfast, Barry Kerr is regarded as one of the outstanding traditional musicians of his generation. Barry is rapidly establishing himself as fine painter and sculptor through numerous sell-out exhibitions. (from his website:

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