Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Andy Irvine Mick Hanly 1979

Andy & Mick are playing "You rambling boys of pleasure".

Have a look at the other videos from bilko> you'll find great stuff there!

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Planxty with two Bouzoukis

Brand new posted video on youtube. Andy and Donal on bouzouki!

Monday, 16 April 2007

Aaron Jones & Claire Mann

Aaron Jones is a well known Scottish cittern player. In 2005 he was nominated Instrumentalist of the year at the Scots Trad Music Awards. He most often uses DADAD tuning. He says: I'm a simple man, I use a simple tuning! In workshops he teaches GDAD as well.
On this video he performs the song William Taylor together with his friend Claire Mann on fiddle.

Aaron is also the man behing

Wednesday, 11 April 2007


Cantaria is a library of "bardic" folk songs, mostly from Ireland, Scotland and England. If you want to learn new songs, this is a good starting place. You'll find the words of the songs together with mp3 audio files of most of the songs. The singers feature Andy Irvine, Andy M. Steward, Brian Hart, Jim Brannigan and lots more. If you don't know it already give it a try.

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Farewell to Erin

I wanted to post this video for a long time but actually did forget it. This well known reel is played by Miguel on fiddle. The bouzouki player's name is Pachu.

If I'm correct he is bouzouki player of Asturian band Brenga Astur. Their website in English:

Just jamming

Great bouzouki playing by an unknown player (to me).

and another one:

Jean-Michel Veillon/Jamie McMenemy

I posted a video by Jamie McMenemy before. Here the bouzouki player of Kornog plays together with flute player Jean-Michel Veillon. Thanks to woodenplayer for posting the videos to youtube.

1. Cruel Brothers

2. instrumental tune

Sunday, 8 April 2007

Paul Brady - Wearin' The Britches

Paul Brady is playing a greek Bouzouki on this video.

Saturday, 7 April 2007

Zookman - Comics

Zookman Comics is a series of comics starring Finn, the Zouk player. You gotta watch episode 6 starring Andy Irvine.

Grupo Ríméad de Polonia

A group from Polonia playing celtic music. Sounds good to me.

De Dannan - Reels

De Dannan plays a couple of reels on this video. Alec Finn on Bouzouki,

Gueta Na Fonte

I just discovered this group and am curious to listen to more songs of them.

Gueta na Fonte is a seven-piece band from Asturia, Spain. However, flute, gaita and fiddle don't play Asturian folk music, but Astur-Gaelic music with a strong Atlantic and Neoromantic flavour. It is artful folk music, a soundtrack that evokes scenes and landscapes though it takes the listener to tune types such as muneiras, jotas and pasacalles. Eventually, Gueta Na Fonte plays symphonic Asturian folk music, and does to traditional music what progressive rock groups like Genesis did for pop music.


Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Octave Mandolin Video Lessons

For the second time now this is my introduction to one of (if not) the best websites for the irish bouzouki/octave mandolin. Jonathan Tilly, a frenchman has made this site with lots of love for this instrument. He plays an octave mandolin made by David Freshwater, celtic design.

Here you can find his lessons:

Folk Of The Wood Videos

Folk Of The Wood is a online distributor for musical instruments. On the webpage you'll find a lot of videos of instruments to be sold

Here you can see and hear the differences between bouzouki, octave mandolin and mandola for example. You can hear mainly Trinity College, Johnson and MidMissouri instruments.

Also you can find free online lessons for Octave Mandolin here:

Monday, 2 April 2007

Wish You Were Here - the 50th post!

Here is a little attempt to play the old Pink Floyd classic on the bouzouki. Why not. I like it. I found it on dailymotion. I don't have any information about the musician.

Jamie McMenemy of Kornog

Kornog is a Breton folk band which is playing now for many years. Jamie is the bouzouki player. On youtube there a some videos with interviews in french. Unfortunately I don't speak french very good so I don't understand anything. On this short clip Jamie plays a little tune on his zouk.

Here's another one:

Planxty - The little drummer

An old video of Planxty dating back to 1974.

And here is Yarmouth Town. Is there a studio version available somewhere on CD?

Planxty - Smeceno Horo

Unfortunately only a few seconds of that tune. But watch Andy and Donal playing.

Altan - Dulaman

This is another great Irish folk band. Here they are presenting an old classic song which I think Clannad made popular first. Great bouzouki playing on this one.