Tuesday, 31 July 2007


On their site on myspace they discribe their music as "Songs to commit suicide by".

Uneasy Chair live at Cincinnaty ODDitorium:

Glory Bound:

Merciless Night:


Blarney Pilgrim /Morrisons'

Kougata has published this video on youtube. It seems he is a multi-instrumentalist, as he has posted 5 videos with different instruments.

Randy Clepper at Evart Funfest 2007

Randy is playing the the tunes: Martin Wynne's number two and number one. He plays a Sobell 10 string cittern:

Here are some close shots:

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Fling, Irish folk out of the Netherlands

Here's a great folk band from Netherland. They have got three Bouzoukis made by Heiner Dreizehnter. On their website you can download some sound snippets from their albums. Give 'em a try.

Thursday, 19 July 2007

BZH-Musique de Bretagne

I always loved the music of Britany. Now I discovered this group. I only listened to the few songs on their website, but I love them a lot. The website is in french, so I don't understand every word. Founded in 1992 they are now 5 musicians. The bouzouki player is Bruno Dervissoglou. They don't tour that much, so it won't be easy to see them live.

Have a listen to their songs at:

Monday, 16 July 2007

West Coast Of Clare

This is my first own video I post to youtube. I'm playing my old Stevens Bouzouki here, trying to play the intro of West coast of Clare, one of the best songs by Andy Irvine. This is nearly the arragement he once played live on his bass bouzouki. I restringed my zouk for this to achieve that bass bouzouki sound.

You need the tab for this intro? Get it here, I made it with Tabledit

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Taylor's traditional tunebook

A collection of over 500 traditional tunes. You can select in the upper right of the page.Scottish, Irish, English, Welsh tunes and more.
You'll find lots of songs, too at:


A collection of celtic tunes as abc-files. The key they are in is mentioned there. Can help you sometimes. You can even transpose the tunes if you want to.

Mick's virtual whistle

You want to play with a flute player, but there's no one around you? Listen to Mick play on his website or download some of his tunes and play along with him.

O'Reagan's Tunebook

Another great tunebook, well more than one, indeed. PDF and abc files. You'll find there airs, barndances, bourrees, gavottes, hornpipes, jigs, marches, planxties, polkas, reels and lots more.Have a look at:

O'Neill's The Music of Ireland

PDF scored and midis of lots of Irish tunes. If you are looking for new tunes to play try this one. More than 1000 pages packed with tunes.I don't know if the picture is the one corresponding with the book.


Michael Eskin - Blarney Stone Pub Session Tunebook

Michael Eskin is a talented musician who plays lots of instruments like flute, Uilleann pipes and concertina. I havn't heard any recordings up to now. The reason I add a link to him is because he collected lots of tunes and he offers a tunebook as a pdf file.

Here's the pdf:

Here's his website:

Monday, 9 July 2007

Two of my zouk heroes together

On this photo you can see Beth Patterson together with Aaron Jones at Dublin Irish Fest 2006. I wish I was there. Lots more photos at:

Has anyone made videos at this Folk Fest? Please let me know.

Octave Mandolin

This video has been published in March. Mandolinman plays on his new Octave Mandolin tuned GDGD. Nice playing.

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Danu - Are you ready yet?

A great live track by lively band Danu. I think ist's from their DVD.

Are you ready yet?

Kerry Tunes

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Beth Patterson - New Video

Crazy video featuring Beth as an bouzouki playing elve. She appears after a minute! Song is called "Early Grace" from her lates album "Caught in the act" which is a live album mostly played by herself solo accompanied on bouzouki. You gotta check it out at cdbaby.com

Friday, 6 July 2007

Andy Irvine-Songbook reissue out now!

Arild has informed me about the reissue of the Andy Irvine Songbook. Information to be found at: http://www.heupferd-musik.homepage.t-online.de/song_buecherei.htm
It's not only a reissue. There are several new songs in it. I will order it today and hope to get it next week.

Well now that I got it I have to correct, there is only one new song in it: My heart tonight's in Ireland. So if you already own the old one you don't need necessarily buy this new one. It's a lot of money for one song.

A review of the original book is to be found at Kieron's website (I did steal the photo from his website):

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Kate Rusby

Some say she's the queen of folk. Well, she has a beautiful voice. And sometimes she is accompanied by a zouk player.
Good Man