Saturday, 29 November 2008

Andy Irvine - Bonny Woodhall, Germany 2008

My friend irishlike took this video of the rare song Bonny Woodhall, which Andy played on his tour in Germany in Nov. 2008. Unfortunately the video is rather short. But better than nothing.

Jim Richter - Octave Mandolin

Jim Richter is a mandolin player who has published a lot of mandolin videos at youtube. Here are two videos where he is playing his Will Kimble Octave Mandolin. It is tuned GDAE.

First a Pink Floyd cover of Wish you were here

And second a tune called Over The Waterfall

Look at his website for more information:

Luke Ward Tara Breen Cathal King Sean McCarthy

This is irish trad music pure and clear. luke ward on bouzouki, tara breen on fiddle, cathal king on flute and sean mccarthy on pipes playing an amazing set of tunes. Thanks to aoifewho for posting it to youtube.

Planxty - The Jolly Beggarman

Another video post by bilko. This time it's Jolly Beggarman.


Baillekins posted this video. A traditional Irish lurve song! accompanied on Octave Mandolin and bouzoui. The sound quality is rather bad, but it's worth to have a look at it.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Andy Irvine on tour in Germany 2008

Andy is back on tour in Germany. Last time he visited us was in Oct. 2006, when I saw him in Kall/Steinfeld in an old Cloister. Today he will be playing in Nürtingen at Club Kuckucksei. I'm very curious which songs he is going to play this evening.

My friend Tom showed me links to some new videos from that tour:

The Braes of Moneymore:

My Heart's Tonight In Ireland

The Close Shave

Mother Jones

Thanks to the uploaders!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Julie Fowlis - Celtic Connections

Here's another video by my favorite singer Julie Fowlis.

Some information by sanyalla, who posted this video:
With a blend of voices, styles and instruments from all over the world, Horo Gheallaidh is a musical experience like no other. Join me, Jo Macmin to listen to artists from all over the world giving a special, intimate performances of their songs and tunes at the Horo Gheallaidh ceilidh sessions filmed in Glasgow.
Horo Gheallaidh is an eclectic mix comprising bluegrass, folk, Celtic and world music of the highest quality. Sit back and embark on a journey from the UK through the Mediterranean, North Africa, America and Scandinavia as you listen to the bands and musicians represent their cultural heritage in the way they know best.
This is a unique opportunity to watch world-class artists up close, performing stripped down versions of their songs live on our sofa in a way you wont have seen them before.

Programa emitido 15/11/08 en la BBC Alba.


Tejedor, a band from Asturia is playing Xotarta Punta (I hope this is spelled correctly). I found this one at, which is always worth a look.

A guide to Octave Mandolin and Bouzouki

I just saw that I mentioned this book in one of my first entrys, but forgot to give it the credit it deserves. I think this is a real worthy publication. Lots of tunes included. Every tune is written down in notation and tab. You can find the melody lines plus backup for every tune. On the enclosed CD every tune is played with melody on one channel and backup on the other channel, so you can listen only to the line you want to practise. Very useful.
Most of the tunes are traditional Irish tunes. There are some original tunes from John and some american tunes and even 2 Jazz tunes to be found, too.
More infos on John's website:

Here you can listen to a sample from the CD: man of ulster

Here's a video by his band "The Wayfaring Strangers"

Planxty - 3 Slip Jigs

It seems like bilko is posting a new Planxty video every day. I hope this will go on for some time. Here's a great video in which Planxty are playing 3 Slip Jigs without names.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Planxty - Sally Brown, 1980 Abbey Tavern

You must have a look at this video,what a laugh. Bilko writes about this video: Christy springs this request for an old Sweeney's "Sea Shanty" on Andy which results in everyone cracking up!

Baillekins with a new song

Baillekins has posted a new song played on his bouzouki called "The world turned upside down", a fine song by Leon Rosselson about a 17th century sect. They were called "the diggers" and had ideas that the wealth of the world should be held in common for everyone. Well, you can guess what happened to them...

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Julie Fowlis photos Dorflinde, Germany published

While looking for some photos of Julie I found this photo stream by ceremony. He shot a lot of good pictures of Julie and her band at her only concert in Germany at the Dorflinde in Rüsselsheim. I was there and must admit it was a fantastic evening. So if you're interested here are the photos:

If anybody has got a live recording of this or other concerts of Julie please let me know.