Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Merry Christmas to all Bouzouki players and to everybody else, too

And so this is Christmas again.

I wish all of you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

I hope to find many interesting things to present and long to hear from you. So please comment!

All the best



Sergio H. González said...

Hello there! I've recently found this blog. Very nice! I'm from Argentina and play Irish bouzouki. This messagge is just to let you know that Andy Irvine will be playing in a FM Station and the concert will be broadcasted by internet. The gig is on January, 23th 2009. Its plenty time yet, I will send a "remainder" to all the folk music sites when the date gets nearer.

Just in case, in this page you will find all the details of the tour.


Thanks! and Merry Christmas!


Sergio H. González said...

Hello, I'm from Argentina, this messagge is just to let you know that Andy Irivine will be doing a gig in a radio station in Patagonia (www.fmalas.org) and it will be broadcasted by internet. The gig will be on Friday 23th, January, at 23:00Hs (local time). As a reference, in the UK that would be 2:00 Am in the morning (they have 3 hours of difference).

I will be sending remainders when the date gets nearer. Thanks!


Hola, soy de Argentina, este mensaje es sólo para contarles que Andy Irvine estará dando un concierto en una estación de radio de la Patagonia (www.fmalas.org) y va a ser transmitido por internet. El concierto será el Viernes 23 de enero a las 23:00 (hora local). Como referencia, en UK sería a las 2:00AM (ellos tienen 3 horas de diferencia)

Voy a enviar recordatorios cuando la fecha se acerque. Muchas Gracias!