Thursday, 15 January 2009

Karl Nesbitt - A Bouzouki tutorial

Here's a little bouzouki tutorial from Karl Nesbitt. He demonstrates the accompaniment for the A-part oth the Salamanca reel. He is accompanied by Tommie Conniffe on the Accordion.

Nice finger picking on the bouzouki here from Karl Nesbitt. Two tunes: Ag Fagainnt Slan & The Battle of Aughrim.

Off-topic, but really good, here's a bodhran tutorial from Karl. Seems he likes Apple computers, just like me.

If you like the videos, here's his website:

Here you can have a listen to his CD, but it is currently out of stock.

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Wanderings said...

Wow! I had never seen bouzouki fingerpicking before! I tried it myself just for experimental purposes once and it just felt strange, so I passed it up. I guess now i'll have to give it another go. Good find!