Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Joseph sobol Fingerstyle Cittern Lesson: Reel Techniques

Learn how to play a reel in fingerstyle technique. Joseph explains all in a wonderful lesson. So watch and practise.


jonathan larkin said...

Does any one else play with this technique ? i know i can do this , the trips may be another matter as well as the clean playing though, thanks for the lesson .

jonathan larkin said...

You are an amazing player. and this technique may be the answer to a problem i`ve been having trying to play my octave mando at contra dances . As you probably know , dance tempos can get up around 120 or so. My left hand is fast enough , but my right hand is sloppy with a flat pick at those speeds. Over the past 50 years or so i`ve learned to play several instruments fairly well- flamenco guitar [ my tremelo would help with those triplets ] irish accordion [ again same finger roll with triplets ], frailing banjo , cajun accordion , fiddle , etc. Anyway , in spite my fast finger picking right hand ,I believe it still may be next to impossible for me to get that clean sound you have as well as the triplets on the octave mando . Unfortunately , for contra dance playing my fiddle playing and box playing is just a tad toO slow , so for difficult tunes I just end up playing some kind of rhythm on something . If i thought i could get your tech . then I would practice hours and hours per week