Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Trad. Celtic, Irish & Old Time Tune Book

Glen Weiser is a fingerstyle Guitarist and publisher of four Celtic fingerstyle books. He also published three harmonica books. On his website there is a bunch of information for guitarists.
Glen just updated his large Tunebook with hundreds of tunes, always worth a look at.

The Doggy Few Tunebook

The Doggy Few is an Irish Folk Band based in the Netherlands. They have a nice website at: www.doggyfew.com.
I'm not really good in reading and understanding the language of the Netherlands. But they have a really good tunebook on the website:


They have a cd out with snippets on the website, and a video on youtube:

SlowPlayers.Org Basic tunebook

This is a tunebook for starters with lots of basic session tunes. All with chords, so it's a good starting point for beginners.

Monday, 28 December 2009

Paul Hardy's Session Tunebook

Another Tunebook which provides lots of chords for accompanyment is made by Paul Hardy. He made it for Accordion-players, but it is useful for other instruments too.

Paul provides some more tunebooks (a set tunebook, a basic tunebook, a annex tunebook with tunes which will appear in a later version of his tunebook etc.) on his site, look at:

The Greene Tunebook

By accident I found this tunebook on the web.
42 pages with lots of tunes, most of them with chords. A great learning base.

If you like to look up alphabetically just have a look here:
There even exists the possibility to get your own collection of tunes as pdf file, look down left corner under downloads.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Pennknivsmördaren (Penknife Killer" is a traditional Swedish tune. Kruzifinger learded it from Ken P, a member of "Mandolin Cafe", who learned it from Swedish group Vasen. Kruzifinger plays it on his Zouk tuned GDAD, Capo 2.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Andy Irvine - Blacksmith Live

I haven't posted anything for more than a month. How time flies, but I did not find anything, that I thought is so interesting to post. But now my friend Tom gave me the hint to a new video of Andy Irvine.

First there's a video from January 24, 1999 in New Zealand, Christchurch. Live at Maddison's . Andy plays his solo version of the classic "The Blacksmith". Not the best quality but really worth watching.