Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Róisín Elsafty & Dónal Lunny - Mo Cheallachin Fionn - RTE 2010

As part of the 2010 St Patrick's Festival, Donal Lunny curated and performed a night in the National Concert Hall entitled 'A Celebration of Irish Voices'.

Here's a video on which he plays together with singer Róisín Elsafty. She has a beautiful voice ahnd Donal's backing fits very well.

More information about the song is to be found on her website:

New Lessons by Duncan Cameron

Duncan Cameron, I mentioned him before, has made two more lessons for players of the bouzouki.
His website:

Picking for reels

Picking for Jigs

2 short lessons on rhythm

Jeff Ksiazek provides us with two short videos on how to backup Reels and Jigs. Nice work. I hope to see more videos in the near future.

Basic bouzouki picking pattern for Reels:

Jig strumming pattern: