Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Fretmaster - iPad app - Freeware

Fretmaster can help to lern the notes on the fretboard. It's Easy to use and it's Free untilgbar may, so grab it fast. No iPhone support.

Audiostretch today on Sale!!!

Audiostretch is available for only 89 ct. today. So Take your chance.

Audiostretch - App for iPhone/iPad

It's just what the title suggests: Open a song from your library, play it back, change speed or pitch. All you need for practicing new songs or tunes. Slow down the music and listen. Price is 2,99 Dollars, once the first version was free :-(
Information: http://www.palmsounds.net/2012/10/audiostretch-for-ios-arrives.html

Fretter, another chordfinder for iPhone

This might be just another chord finder for iOS. It costs 1,79€ which I think is ok. To get chords for bouzouki just select mandolin and tuning custom. Then click on top right button custom and select your tuning. 
In Normal mode you can define chords and the app shows them to you. In reverse mode you can define chords on the fretboard and fretter gives you the name for the chord. This does not funktion always. For example 2400 gives you no name.

There is a free version available, so just try it. They say the free version is only limited in chord recognition, so bouzouki must be available.

developer site: http://fretterapp.com

Chord Circle - iPhone App for free

This is just a simple app to help understanding music and the chord cycle. It also helps you to transpose chords. As it is free just give it a try.
Information: http://www.osirisguitar.com/clever-app-keys-and-transitions/

Reverse Chord Finder Pro - iPhone/iPad App

This is an interesting app for bouzouki players. In the settings you can define Irish Bouzouki GDAD tuning.  For GDAE just select Mandolin or Plectrum Banjo 3. If you use ADAD I think you have to write a message to the writers of the app. I did when I bought the app more than a year ago and the added the GDAD bouzouki really soon afterwards.

We often play two finger chords somewhere on the fingerboard, but what are they called? RevChordPro helps. Just open the app, tip the chord you are playing and it gives the name. This can be helpful sometimes. Often one fingering can give different chords which is really interesting. Unfotunately the app isn't cheap at all. 8,99€ is a lot. But if you wait, maybe one day it'll getting cheaper. Consult AppTicker or AppZapPro.

Information: http://www.reversechord.com

Monday, 15 April 2013

Chordpro buddy

Some time ago I bought this program for MAC on the app store. I was looking for a program to edit my songs with chords and a way to transmit them to the iPad.

This is what the developer's say:

ChordPro Buddy is an easy to use and elegant song editor for the Apple Mac OS-X operating system. With it you will easy edit, format, transpose, play and print lyrics, chords and tabs. It is an ideal and elegant tool for guitar players or other musicians. The storage format is the widely used, very simple and easy understandible "ChordPro" text format.

And I think, it is worth the money. If you find songs with chords above on the internet just copy them and import them to ChordPro Buddy. It will automatically transform the chords to brackets whithin the song text. This will give you the benefit to transpose the songs later, if you open them on the iPad. 

But how do you transmit them? That's really easy. Just send them to dropbox. You should create a new folder in your dropbox, in which you store all of your songs. You can even create subfolders. 

On your iPad you should use the app "Songbook". This app can connect to your dropbox account. Everytime you open it it updates from your Dropbox account, so you're up to date with your songs. 

Here's a video tutorial

And here's the product page:

And this is a tutorial for SongBook ChordPro

I will write a post for this iPhone/iPad app later.

Quick Chords - iPhone/iPad app

Just recently found this app on the app store. Developer Beau Young designed this app to give musicians simple and fast access to some useful songwriting, transcribing and composition tools.

What does it give to you? Well, first there's a capo guide which helps you to transcribe songs or tunes, which is often useful. Then there's the circle of fifth which helps to find the major/minor relatives and key signatures.
But most interesting to me is chords. This feature shows you which chord go together in different keys. It also gives you random chord progressions which always fit and most of the time sound interesting. Good for practicing or songwriting.

You can try some functions with the free version and then decide whether to buy the full version or not. I think that's a good deal.

Here's a site with more informations and screenshot of the app. The screenshot above is from this website. (http://apps4idevices.com