Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Reverse Chord Finder Pro - iPhone/iPad App

This is an interesting app for bouzouki players. In the settings you can define Irish Bouzouki GDAD tuning.  For GDAE just select Mandolin or Plectrum Banjo 3. If you use ADAD I think you have to write a message to the writers of the app. I did when I bought the app more than a year ago and the added the GDAD bouzouki really soon afterwards.

We often play two finger chords somewhere on the fingerboard, but what are they called? RevChordPro helps. Just open the app, tip the chord you are playing and it gives the name. This can be helpful sometimes. Often one fingering can give different chords which is really interesting. Unfotunately the app isn't cheap at all. 8,99€ is a lot. But if you wait, maybe one day it'll getting cheaper. Consult AppTicker or AppZapPro.

Information: http://www.reversechord.com

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