Tuesday, 26 June 2007

I just read about that tragic car crash in which two members of Asturian band Felpeyu have been killed. The band were involved in an accident on the way to a concert. The rest of the band survived with only minor injuries, but bouzouki player Ígor Medio and guitarist, bassist and vocalist Carlos Redondo were tragically killed.

I just discovered this fantastic musicians. It's a sad day for celtic music.

Here's a fantastic video of a workshop in Polonia: “Workshop” de Felpeyu en Polonia. (2004) featuring Igor Medio -vocalist and bouzouki and Carlos Redondo - vocalist and a guitar player and many more musicians.

Felpeyu website: www.felpeyu.com

Here's video of group Tejedor of a hommage concert for Igor and Carlos


Alberto Ablanedo said...

The accident happened 1 year ago. The concert was last friday.

The video you talk about is in Youtube, I do think.

Ohrenspitzer said...

Thanks a lot, Alberto. I just saw the month, but not the year and thought it was this year. This Spanish music is really new to me, so I don't know anything about those musicians. I'm just beginning to find out who they are.

Alberto Ablanedo said...

Anything you want to know, just ask. I am the bouzouki player with Tejedor and the one that is uploading the videos of the memorial concert.

I also have a blog in Spanish at www.folkenlared.com and I try to maintain a site about Asturian music in English at www.asturianmusic.com

Ohrenspitzer said...

Hi Alberto,

I came across your blog, but I can't read Spanish, so I would be very happy to visit your English blog. Can you tell me what the reason is why there are so many players of the Irish bouzouki in northern Spain? I don't know anything of Spanish history, where does that celtic influence come from? this could be interesting to explain in your English written blog.
all the best