Sunday, 23 September 2007

Julie Fowlis w/ Jenna Reid & Donal Lunny

My favourite Singer Julie Fowlis in a new Transatlantic Session. You gotta see the fun they have playing that fantastic song.
Seo 'N Làimh Mo Rùin
(The drink would be in my Love's hand)

Transatlantic Sessions series 3 (2007)

bouzouki - Donal Lunny
dobro - Jerry Douglas
whistle - Michael McGoldrick
guitar - Russ Barenberg

Here's "The blackest crow"

2nd fiddle : Aly Bain
flute: Michael McGoldrick
guitar: Russ Barenberg
dobro: Jerry Douglas
bouzouki: Phil Cunningham
bass: Todd Parks
percussion: James Mackintosh
vocals: Julie Fowlis

Embedding is disabled, but I got it to work, anyway, so have fun!

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely great!