Saturday, 19 February 2011

Dónal Lunny & Michael McGoldrick - A clip from the formation of Ciorras (Lorg Lunny - TG4)

Cirrustraditionmusic posted this video, an extract of TG4's "Lorg Lunny". On this video you have a good look at what Donal is playing. Really interesting.
"Dónal and Mike play Farewell to Whalley Range a slipjig that Mike composed. In this scene Mike is recommending the slip jig for inclusion in a set of tunes that Ciorras will play.
Ciorras are the band that were formed as a result of the tv series that this clip comes from; TG4's 'Lorg Lunny'"

Donal Lunny - Fairfield Mirage 1979

Another posting of bilko. This is Donal playing the tune Fairfield Mirage from the long deleted album "The Gathering", which featured Andy Irvine, Paul Brady, Peter Brown, Matt Molloy and Tommy Potts.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Thick as a brick

Wow, a Jethro Tull cover played on the Irish Bouzouki. Love this one!