Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Andy Irvine - Kirchheimbolanden, Germany 2004

This was the first concert from Andy I had the chance to film. At first I didn't dare to take out my camcorder, but during the break a friend of mine who knows Andy asked him for permission. He also asked him to play "Baneasa's Green Grass" for me. I was overwhelmed when Andy dedicated the song to me.
Although Andy played together with Rens van der Zalm I only filmed Andy, because I hoped to have the chance to figure out some bits of his playing. Well, more than 10 years passed and I am still struggling with it.

Somebody asked for "West Coast Of Clare" this evening. I think, Andy hadn't played this song for ages. He had some problems with his Bass Bouzouki. But the next shows I saw him this song was on his playlist.

So enjoy this video.

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