Thursday, 2 May 2013

Andy Clarke

Andy's father was a folk singer way back in the 1960s. He took his son to many folk song clubs in his native Devon. Soon Andy discovered a passion for traditional song. Later he became involved in folk bands in and around Torbay.
In recent years Andy performs as a solo artist in clubs and on festivals all around the country. In addition to his solo work he collaborated with Jackie Oates & Steve Turner (The Eelgrinders) as the trio Wistmans Wood and he plays in the Mooncoin Ceilidh Band. He also plays as a Duo with Hurdy Gurdy player Steve Tyler.
Look at:

I really love the way he plays his bouzouki.
article on his bouzouki:

Here's a video together with Steve Tyler

Wreck off Scilly

Andy solo: Hunting the hare

Ruth & Andy Clarke - Da slocket light


Andy Clarke said...

Hi. Thanks for putting me in your collection.
The bouzouki in all the videos apart from the last one is a bubinga b/s Joe Foley.
The one in the final vid is my new Andy Manson. (One of if not the finest irish bouzouki I've ever heard/played/had the priveledge of owning)

Andy Clarke said...

Hi..I'm sorry I don't know your name. You may wish to include this clip I've just put up...

Also have you got James Fagan in your list? Here's a clip I recorded from him (Playing my bouzouki)