Thursday, 19 April 2018

Chord-melody playing for the Irish Bouzouki - Bob Gooday

Some time ago Bob Gooday published an ebook with the title Chord-melody playing for the Irish Bouzouki. It seems that I forgot to mention it here.

In this book he publishes arrangements for 8 Scottish and Irish Tunes for the Irish Bouzouki with Notation and Tab. You can buy it on Amazon for €2.99. That's a good price for value. Unfortunately there are no accompanying Audio Files or Midi Files, so you can't have a listen to what it should sound like. I asked Bob if he could record the tunes and put them on youtube, but it seems he does not have the time to do so.

Now I began to put the tab of one of the tunes (No 3: A Glass of Beer) into Tabledit so that I can listen to it.
If you are interested in the file send me an Email and I will send it to you as Tabledit or midi-file.
I will try to put the other tunes into Tabledit as well.

You can buy the book here:
or here:

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