Monday, 4 July 2011

O'Connor's Pub OAIM Launch Clip 4 - Traditional Irish Music from

A live performance from O'Connor's bar in Doolin, Co. Clare, Ireland, during the launch of the Online Academy of Irish Music in April 2011. This session was webcast on

A lovely song, does anyone know the name of it?


Anonymous said...

Tramps and Hawkers

O come all ye tramps and hawker-lads and give your ears a blow
I tramped the country round and round come listen ane and all
I'll tell to you a roving tale of sights that I have seen
And far up to the snowy north and through by Gretna Green

Anonymous said...

It's a trad Scottish tune called "Come A' Ye Tramps & Hawkers". You can hear a very nice version done by Robin Williamson & Clive Palmer on their "At the Pure Fountain" CD.