Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Online Academy Of Irish Music

Did you ever thought of learning your instrument with an online teacher? Here's the possibility. The Online Academy Of Irish Music offers several courses for instruments used in Irish Folk Music. Look here: http://oaim.ie

These are the offered courses and tutors:

* Bodhrán Tutor: Brian Flemming
* Bouzouki Tutor: Billy Mag Fhloinn
* Concertina Tutor: Ernestine Healy
* Fiddle Tutor: Majella Bartley
* Flute Tutors: Kirsten Allstaff, Majella Bartley,Niall Keegan
* Song Tutor: Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh
* Tin Whistle Tutor: Thomas Johnston
* Uilleann Pipes Tutor: Mikie Smyth
* Piano Tutor: Stephen Markham

Here is the chance to watch some free lessons:

The cost of membership is:

€19.95 per month
£17.95 per month
$25.95 per month

I did not subscribe but watched the free lessons and think they are great. If you subscribe please leave a comment if you think it's a good offer or not.

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