Friday, 30 December 2011


GoChords is an easy way to create chordsheets for songs. But first you have to register. It's free, so don't mind. After that you can start with a new song. Just copy the lyrics from wherever you want and paste it into the screen. After that you can select the chords and put them into the correct place. Select font and size, and size of chord boxes and there you go. It's as easy as that.

Supported instruments are so far: guitar, different Ukuleles and Mandolin. No bouzouki so far. But don't mind. You can create your own chords. What I did is, I selected mandolin and defined my own chords for this instrument. So I select mandolin and custom chords and I can use my own chords. That's ok for me. I hope they will support bouzouki in the future as well.

Try it, I think you will like it.

Now they offer a tablet version, too, but it's 5€ per month. In my opinion that's definitely too much. But everyone may decide for themselves. I think the free online version is ok.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Litha (2Duos)

Litha is the new name of the quartett formerly known as 2Duos. Aaron Jones, Claire Mann, Gudrun Walters and Jürgen Treyz just released their second CD, which they sold on their last tour in Germany.

My friend Peter known as barnacles posted a video from this tour on youtube. Have a look, it's fantastic!

More information:

Herr Olof, Live in Ettlingen near Karlsruhe, 2011

Waltzes, Live Ettlingen 2011

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Dónal Lunny

I found some new videos by Dónal Lunny on youtube which are really worth looking at:

Cúnla - Trio Dónal Lunny, Pádraig Rynne, Sylvain Barou

Siobhán Ní Dhuibhir - Trio Dónal Lunny, Pádraig Rynne, Sylvain Barou

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Andy Irvine shows how to play Reynardine/Johnny Cúig

pdebee posted another one of his gems. He had the chance to make a video of Andy explaining how to play Reynardine. Patrick writes:

"On Wednesday 15 September 2004, Andy was scheduled to perform at the Tower Arts Centre in Winchester, UK.

The week before, on Wednesday 8 September, I had seen him perform at the West End Centre in Aldershot and, at the end of that gig, I had asked him if he would allow me to film him playing 'Reynardine/Johnny Cúig' in Winchester a week later, so that I could learn it from the resulting video.

To my amazement, he kindly suggested that we meet up at the Winchester venue a few hours before he was due on stage, so that I could film him close-up and unencumbered by obstacles like microphone stands etc..

So, a week later, I turned up at the Winchester Tower Arts Centre as agreed and, sure enough, after his sound check we went backstage and this video clip is the end-result: a one-to-one, close-up demonstration on how to play 'Reynardine/Johnny Cúig'.

By the way, Andy tells us that the 'Johnny Cúig' tune was inspired by the song and 6-part hornpipe called Johnny Cope he used to sing and play in Planxty days (see 'Cold Blow and the Rainy Night'). After adapting parts of the hornpipe to the Bulgarian paidushko rhythm of 5/8, he decided to call the resulting tune 'Johnny Cúig', since 'cúig' means '5' in Irish.

Thanks once again, Andy; you are always such a generous person and a real gent! Patrick. :-))"

Behind the haystack

This is one of my favourit jigs. I already posted several videos by Kyle25rs. This is his interpretation of this tune he learned from a video of Andy Irvine and Donal Lunny here on youtube. Infortunately I wasn't able to find it here. Maybe someone can post the link to it?

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Foxhunters and Bucks of Oranmore

Kyle Borley (Irish concert flute) and D'Arcy Stearns (Irish bouzouki), from Winnipeg, Canada. website:

Yellow Wattle and another Jig in G (Paidin O Raifeartaigh?)

Frances and Sean Conningham from playing two traditional Jigs on bouzouki and flute. Awesome!

Hammy Hamiltons / Unknown Slip Jig

Launching the Boat and Lad O'Beirne's

Maids of Mitchellstown/With Her Long Dark Hair Flowing Down Her Back

The Old Favorite and the Maid at the Well

Sunday, 2 October 2011

An Dorian

An Dorian are based in the southern part of Germany. They play a lively mix of trad tunes and songs. These videos were recorded at the Bobenheim Folkmeeting, September 2011. An Dorian are: Janna Kirchhof - voice, fiddle Christian Roch - whistle, voice Ulf Bangert - Irish bouzouki Myspace: The Lily of the west

Billy Taylor

Swallow's tail / Old Dudeen / Long drop (reels)

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Michael McGoldrick and Paddy Kerr

What a combination. Michael on flute and Paddy on bouzouki perform Michael's compositions "Farewell to Whalley Range" and "The Honesty Bar" jig during a concert filmed at the Sligo Summer School in July 2011. Michael spent time as a youngster at the Summer School, where he studied under great local tutors. This year he returned 25 years on to impart some of his extensive knowledge to students at this year's Summer School. This concert was webcast on

Here's another video from this set:

And another one

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Beth Patterson - Some new videos

One of my favourite bouzouki players from the US. These are videos from a house concert from 7/2/2010

1. Buzzer, a cover of a Dar Williams song

2. Range Rover

3. Tom Sawyer Cover of a Rush song

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Online Academy Of Irish Music

Did you ever thought of learning your instrument with an online teacher? Here's the possibility. The Online Academy Of Irish Music offers several courses for instruments used in Irish Folk Music. Look here:

These are the offered courses and tutors:

* Bodhrán Tutor: Brian Flemming
* Bouzouki Tutor: Billy Mag Fhloinn
* Concertina Tutor: Ernestine Healy
* Fiddle Tutor: Majella Bartley
* Flute Tutors: Kirsten Allstaff, Majella Bartley,Niall Keegan
* Song Tutor: Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh
* Tin Whistle Tutor: Thomas Johnston
* Uilleann Pipes Tutor: Mikie Smyth
* Piano Tutor: Stephen Markham

Here is the chance to watch some free lessons:

The cost of membership is:

€19.95 per month
£17.95 per month
$25.95 per month

I did not subscribe but watched the free lessons and think they are great. If you subscribe please leave a comment if you think it's a good offer or not.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Dervish - Traditional Irish Music from

Here is supergroup Dervish playing an intimate session at Hargadon's Bar in the centre of Sligo, Ireland. The entire session was broadcast live worldwide over the internet.

More videos of this session here:

O'Connor's Pub OAIM Launch Clip 4 - Traditional Irish Music from

A live performance from O'Connor's bar in Doolin, Co. Clare, Ireland, during the launch of the Online Academy of Irish Music in April 2011. This session was webcast on

A lovely song, does anyone know the name of it?

Donal Lunny solo

No description available on youtube. But a stunning solo performance of Donal on his 10 string blarge.

Paddy Glackin and Donal Lunny

Paddy and Donal at the Steeple sessionsat the Unitarian Church on St. Stephens Green in Dublin on Tuesday 24th of May 2011. What a performance!

Here's another video from "solidarity with Japan gig"

Ale Carr - Solo Cittern

Just discovered this video. What a player. What a groove. What a joy to listen to this music and to see this man play. He is 19!

Here you can visit his myspace site:
and here, too:

Here are two more videos of Ale och Elna, who were former winners at Swedens largest music competition for youngsters.
The first tune, "Lieman (... och Lärkan)" is originally a tune called "Ängstunden" composed by Bill McChesney. The second tune "Jigen" is composed by Ale Carr.

Another Tune called "Ales Engelska"

And here's something really special:
Dreamers Circus - Mozart

Friday, 1 July 2011

Andy Irvine - Come to the bower and more

An old song Andy used to sing in the late 70s. On his new tour he's playing it again. Andy is playing a Drifter Promotions show at the Prince Albert, Brighton, 27/06/11.

The Braes Of Moneymore

Arthur McBride

Andy Irvine - Live Prince Albert, Brighton, 27.06.2011

A new concert recording of Andy. 11 songs in total.

1. Mother Jones

2. Reynardine

3. Braes of Moneymore

4. The Close Shave

5. Empty Handed

6. O'Donoghues

7. Brackagh Hill

8. My Heart tonight's in Ireland

9. The three Huntsmen

10. Oslo

11. The Highwayman

So now all is complete. Many thanks to americanrootsuk for uploading these gems.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Irish Bouzouki Lessons

Duncan Cameron, multi instrumentalist has just published a 3 part intro to the irish bouzouki. Might be of interest for absolute beginners.
His website:

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Dónal Lunny & Michael McGoldrick - A clip from the formation of Ciorras (Lorg Lunny - TG4)

Cirrustraditionmusic posted this video, an extract of TG4's "Lorg Lunny". On this video you have a good look at what Donal is playing. Really interesting.
"Dónal and Mike play Farewell to Whalley Range a slipjig that Mike composed. In this scene Mike is recommending the slip jig for inclusion in a set of tunes that Ciorras will play.
Ciorras are the band that were formed as a result of the tv series that this clip comes from; TG4's 'Lorg Lunny'"

Donal Lunny - Fairfield Mirage 1979

Another posting of bilko. This is Donal playing the tune Fairfield Mirage from the long deleted album "The Gathering", which featured Andy Irvine, Paul Brady, Peter Brown, Matt Molloy and Tommy Potts.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Thick as a brick

Wow, a Jethro Tull cover played on the Irish Bouzouki. Love this one!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Dervish & Andy Irvine - The Rambling Siúler. Shrewsbury Folk Festival 2010

Dervish together with Andy Irvine. They perform an old Planxty classic. A real pleasure.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Kirsi Emelia Vinnki with Quentin Cooper and Eoin O'Neill - Reels

burrencrawler has posted this fine video to youtube. He writes:

"Kirsi is a talented young fiddle player from Finland who has visited Ennis in Co.Clare many times over the last few years. A regular at the Brogan's sessions she has built up a nice repertoire of Irish tunes. Here she plays a spankin' rendition of the Fermoy Lasses and the dark classic 'Gooseberry Bush', with Quentin Cooper also on fiddle, and Eoin O'Neill on Bouzouki. Willy Daly and Suzanne Leahy get up and stamp out a few steps for the craic, this was a lovely night in Kenny's, Lahinch (Dec 2010)."

Eoin O'Neill is from Clare (Originally from Dublin) and plays in ADAD-tuning. This is what Han Speek writes:

"Basically, simplicity rules. Since you already have a D chord without fretting any string, you could strum and drone behind any tune in D, and not sound out of place. Then, by simply adding any note in the D scale, you could colour this D chord to sound like something that will effectively do the job of any chord you'd want for the scale of D. This is what Eoin does most of the time: he knows his D scale in and out, up and down, and he just colours his droning D chord. He occasionally throws in a single note run, either following or countering the melody, but if you know your scales, that's a piece of cake, of course.

Every now and then he will then go for some more complex "chord" forms, where he even frets 2, or in one extreme (:-)) case, 3 strings."

By the way: here's another video burrencrawler posted:

Damian Werner, Quentin Cooper, Eoin O'Neill live in Kennys Lahinch

Martin O'Brien & Michael O Neill on TG4 Show "Ardán"

Eoin O'Neill in session at Custys Music Shop, Ennis

Eoin O'Neill, Quentin Cooper, Yvonne Casey & Ger Hoyne playing on TG4 'Geantraí' in May 2002

Kitty Hayes and Eoin O'Neill

Kitty Hayes (Concertina), Eoin O'Neill (Bouzouki), Quentin Cooper (Mandolin) and Yvonne Casey (Fiddle) playing on Open House, RTÉ1, November 2001 following the release of her first CD 'A Touch of Clare' in September 2001. Reels: The Galway Rambler and The London Lasses.

Geantraí 2002 @ Pepper's Bar, Feakle, Co. Clare. Kitty Hayes, Eoin O'Neill, Quentin Cooper, Yvonne Casey, Ger Hoyne and Breanndán Ó Beaglaoich.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Singing Land (Dougie MacLean Cover)

This is my first post for 2011. I hope you all had a good start into the new year.

Burkhardheike has posted a new video. Here he covers a lovely song of Dougie MacLean called Singing Land. Nice playing and singing.

If you haven't done so check out his other videos on youtube. They're fantastic.